My new base makeup routine (vegan makeup)



Hey lovelies,

So many of you probably don’t know but about 3 months ago I turned vegan. Before you scroll down and press unfollow, I really want you all to know that I’m not the preachy type. If anyone wants to know more about why I turned vegan or more information on veganism please feel free to email me or message me directly but I dont feel the need to talk about it without being asked. My blog isn’t going to change, except I wont be promoting non vegan products. Which leads me nicely onto today’s  post. Continue reading


Primark makeup sponge review


Hey lovelies,

So as you probably saw from my last blog post, I have recently popped into Primark. Whilst I was there, I was really intrigued by the makeup section. I have heard so many different things about the Primark beauty range and I just had to give something a go for myself. Now I used to be obsessed with my Real Techniques sponge, and i used it every single time I wore makeup. After a while though, no matter how much you wash it, it gets rather dirty, the stains stop coming out and overall it doesn’t seem particularly hygienic. So I ended up throwing away my beloved sponge and just never seem to repurchase it. So anyway, when I saw this pack of 4 sponges for £2.50 (absolute bargain am i right?) I just had to grab them – and in my basket they went.

Now I have been testing out these sponges for just over a week and I’m going to write about my final verdict here for you. Continue reading

Review of Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation


Today I am writing a review of the Bare Minerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation (mouthful- amirite?).

This is Bare Minerals’ ‘first ever mineral foundation and skincare serum in one’. It is ‘ultra-thin’ and provides ‘adjustable coverage’. I would definitely agree with all that Bare Minerals has to say about this foundation. As I am going to show you, it is a foundation that builds up beautifully but still feels completely weightless and looks like skin (great right?!). Continue reading

Lush Ultrabland Review

So this is going to be a rather chatty review on one of my absolute holy grail skin care products. The ‘Ultrabland’ facial cleanser by Lush.

Now on my journey to using cruelty free products I realized I needed a new way to take my makeup off. I had recently ventured away from the face wipes and started looking into better ways to clean my skin. I had started using Micellar water and that had been going great. My problem came when I was trying to find a cruelty free option that didn’t break the bank. I happened to be watching a YouTube video (sorry can’t remember who) and it was all about their favourite Lush products. They then mentioned, my now beloved, ‘Ultrabland’. Continue reading