Day 7 Ponytails: A Simple Sunday Look

Hairstyle 7 6

Hey lovelies,

So here we are, the last day of my mini series. I really hope you have enjoyed reading, I certainly have enjoyed writing. It has really opened my eyes to the things I need to work on for my blog – like my pictures- and things I think I do well.

So for the last ponytail of the week, this is just a simple look for a casual Sunday. As the weather is (meant to be) getting warmer, I thought this look would be a great for a day trip somewhere if you’re perhaps wearing a gorgeous hat or something. As it’s a low ponytail it doesn’t disrupt the look. Continue reading


Day 6 Ponytails: Stylish Saturday look

Hairstyle 4 1

Hey lovelies,

So as it’s Saturday you may have plans for the evening. Maybe your going to watch a film, or out for coktails or perhaps just a night watching films in bed! Well whatever you’re doing, I have a hairstyle for you. Today’s look is a high ponytail, with a sassy lil plait going through the middle for a bit of extra glam. Continue reading

Day 4 Ponytails: Simple Side Ponytail

Hairstyle 6 5

Hey lovelies,

Day 4 of my mini-series. How are we there already? Who knows, but who cares because it’s nearly the weekend!

Today’s ponytail is a lovely, simple, sweet side ponytail. So easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. Seriously though you could probably do this in about a minute and a half. Thank god for that because any time less spent getting ready means more time in bed! Continue reading

Day 3 Ponytails: Side plait ponytail

Hairstyle 5 6

Hey lovelies,

We’re on day 3 of my mini-series and I hope you’re all still enjoying reading.

Today’s ponytail is a side plait pony. This is great because it can be worn with a low pony or a high pony all depending on your preferences. Also, I wont tell anyone if you do this on day 3, slightly greasy hair, throw some dry shampoo in and with this hairstyle no one will ever know, shhhhh..

So let’s jump into it! Continue reading

How I (try to) control my wavy/curly hair


curly hair straight hair

This blog post is going to be all on how I (try to) control my wavy/curly hair, any products I use and tips for any of you other crazy haired girls and guys out there.

After wasting probably hundreds of pounds on products I’ve seen on on Youtube which claim to sort out curl patterns and decrease frizz by 100%, I decided I was kind of lost with my hair at that time. After the hours I spent with masks on and waiting for products to come from different countries and yet no luck with working for my hair, I packed it all in and decided I would try and wear my hair smooth most of the time. This was working really well for quite a while, until I started to miss my curls. I missed the compliments and the gorgeous curly hairstyles I’d found on Pintrest.

A few weeks ago I was going through my boxes of hair products, and found a shiny pink bottle of mousse at the bottom (Umberto Gianni Shapely Curls Defining Mousse). Continue reading