June Haul

Hey lovelies,

So last weekend, my mum and I popped out for a bit of shopping. I needed some bits and bobs before my holiday and she just wanted to have a little nosey around.

So the first shop I wanted to have a look in was Primark.

Jun haul 6

I knew for my holiday, I really wanted a backpack. I am so disorganized and I thought for the airport it would be the best thing to keep all my bits and bobs in the same place. There were quite a few different styles so I had a bit of trouble choosing. In the end I picked this beige coloured one. It has one big compartment and then a small one at the front. The bottom zip isn’t a real pocket. It is made from a faux leather, the hardware is a copper colour, and the straps are material. This bag was £10 which is an absolute steal! Continue reading


Saving space for more clothes!



Hey lovelies,

So today I am going to be writing about something that I feel is really useful. Saving space for more clothes! So i’m guessing as you’re reading this you are quite into fashion (probably an understatement for some of you 😉 ). And you’re probably the type of people that love buying clothes. Probably a lot of clothes! This is great until you need somewhere to store them! Keep reading to find out more! Continue reading

5 Springtime work outfits

Springoutfits 1

This  blog post is going to be all about some ideas for springtime outfits or work.

As much as I love snuggling up under big scarves, and wearing matching hat and gloves in Winter I absolutely love experimenting with different fashions through Spring and Summer. As Spring has most definitely sprung now I am sharing some ideas for outfits appropriate (hopefully) for the work place. Continue reading