My new base makeup routine (vegan makeup)



Hey lovelies,

So many of you probably don’t know but about 3 months ago I turned vegan. Before you scroll down and press unfollow, I really want you all to know that I’m not the preachy type. If anyone wants to know more about why I turned vegan or more information on veganism please feel free to email me or message me directly but I dont feel the need to talk about it without being asked. My blog isn’t going to change, except I wont be promoting non vegan products. Which leads me nicely onto today’sย  post.

In my move to veganism I decided – similarly to when I went cruelty free – that I wasnt going to throw away any of my old products (this isn’t conducive to my ethics.. throwing away my hard earned money just seems silly and wasteful) instead, I wont be promoting them, just using them up quietly and not repurchasing. But when it was time for some new makeup, I did my research.

There are a lot of brands out there that sell makeup wth no animal derived ingrediants- unfortuantely some are way out of my price point at the momet on my student budget-but there are some brands out there. For example ELF. I have been using ELF for an awfully long time anyway. Some of my first proper makeup was from them. Little did I know, this little gem of a company made only vegan makeup. Crazy, I know. Probably a lot of you out there have ELf productsย  in your makeup bags.

Anyway, enough rambling and onto my new base makeup routine.

First up, I get a lil dollop of moisturiser on the back of my hand and press a pump of the Illuminating face primer into the mix. I add the moisturiser just because the primer has that sort of sylllicone type feel to it and although its great by itself, I prefer the feel with the moisturiser added.

For foundation I take the Flawless finish foundation and use either a sponge or my Spectrum B01 brush. This foundation is great. Even when I have really dry patches on my face, it doesn’t cling as much as many other foundations I’ve tried. You can really build it up as well. For day to day use, I use about half a pump and it blends really nicely all over the face. For a more full coverge look ,I use 1-2 pumps.

I use the maximum coverage concealer for those bags and any blemishes and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Also, it is a huge bottle for concealer. The concealer and foundation both have 20ml, so I’m sorted for concealer for the rest of my life!


To set the face I use the Perfect finish HD powder which is just a clear finely milled powder. When I first used the product I couldn’t believe the difference to all the powders I’ve used up to now. It really does create a kind of blur over the face leaving it looking flawless. I use the Elf blush brush to set under my eyes as it is the perfect shape for those undereyes, and the Spectrum A01 for the rest of my face

I have a lot of bronzers to use up so I don’t have any to include today unfortunately, but I do use an ELF blusher which doesnt have the colour name on it which is devistating as I have hit pan and I love it. The spectrum A05 is the perefect shape for bronzing and aplying blusher.

The last base product I use is the Illuminating mist and set spray (I dont know if you can tell from all of this but I like to look like a lil glazed donut). This is great. It has such a refreshing feel and I have used this multipletimes in a day before to add a little something back to my makeup. And it genuinly works. My makeup stays on all damm day.


Another great thing about Elf is they always have deals or discounts on. When I ordered all my makeup everything was 50% off! But you have to be quick as things sell out fast. It’s a great idea to sign up for their mailing list and you get emails every time they have a deal on. Then you just wait for the best one and go shopping!

There we have it.. my new base makeup routine. Once I have added new products to my collection I will let you gals know.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I would love any feedback or questions! If you enjoyed reading don’t forget to follow!

Speak soon




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