9 summer holiday outfit ideas



Hi lovelies,

So if you’ve read my Lil catch up post you will know that I have recently been on holiday. My boyfriend and I went away on an absolutely amazing, 2 weeks, all inclusive holiday to the Dominican Republic. Having recently been given some new holiday clothes for my birthday I decided to show what I got and hopefully give some inspiration for any of you travelling somewhere warm.


First up we have this sassy lil outfit. I actually do feel like a complete sass queen in this. I have on a pair of wide leg trousers – these were  a bargain from M&S for £25. They’re really light weight so perfect for hot countries. I’m also wearing a tropical patterned crop top from a few years ago in New Look. As the trousers are so high waisted, only a small part of your stomach which makes me feel comfortable – I don’t like having too much stomach on show. I’m also wearing some silver sandals from New Look at £17.99 and a choker from Next for  £8.


Funny story about my jewellery. So I’m unpacking my clothes when we first arrive and I struggle to find my little pack of jewellery. I just assumed that I forgot it with moving house as well. It was only when I was repacking my suitcase 2 weeks later and, yup you guessed it, I found the aforementioned pack of jewellery. Hence why you will only see me wearing 2 different necklaces and the same earrings. Don’t make the same mistake as me guys.


Anyways, next up is this very simple outfit. The midi skirt I bought in the sale at New Look a couple of years ago. It is slightly too big, hence the belt. I paired this with a simple grey top. And the best shoes ever. I absolutely love these beauties, purchased from a Topshop sale last year I think. They have zebra stripes on the front, a perspex heel and ribbon to tie up the leg. Now I know they’re not to everyone’s taste but any statement shoe will complete this simple look.



The next night, I wasn’t feeling too good. I couldn’t really be bothered with make up or finding clothes that go together. So I just threw on this maxi/ midi dress. Basically this dress is intended to be a maxi dress, but on 5″10 me it is definitely not. Then when the midi dress trend came along, I pulled out all my maxi dresses that didn’t fit me properly! Again I just paired this with my silver sandals.




Next up, is this stunning red dress from Asos. I cant remember exactly how much this was but probably around the  £20 mark. I do know that they do this bardot style in different colours as well. I threw on my snazzy zebra shoes with this outfit and my choker. I just love how vibrant this dress is!





Sorry for the poor picture quality on this next outfit. I wanted you to see the lovely detail on this dress but the only picture I had was blurry. So anyway, this is one of the gorgeous pieces I received for my birthday. This stunning playsuit is from H&M. I’m actually so surprised that this fits me, I normally have a real issue with playsuits but this one fits perfectly! The gorgeous detail at the top means there is no need for jewellery and I wore my black wedges to complete the look.




This night I just wanted to wear something simple and classy. I bought this dress recently in an Asos sale before I left as I wanted to get out of my comfort zone a bit and wear something bodycon. It was from the tall range so it’s not too short and it was only  £10! As they say, every girl needs a little black dress. I paired this simple number with my purple wedges for a pop of colour.




I haven’t really included any of my daytime outfits as it tended to be pretty boring of a bikini and some sort of beach cover up. But this is the outfit I wore on an excursion we went on. This gorgeous playsuit is from Next and was  £28. Again this fits really well, so if you’re a tall girl give it a try. I wore my silver sandals as wanted comfy shoes for the day.




I think with this outfit I was releasing my inner sporty spice, or at least that’s how I felt! These gorgeous cullotes – which i’m obsessed  with – are from Next I believe. I wore these with a little crop top I bought from Ebay and my sparkly Birkenstock-esk sandals from Primark. I felt so comfortable in this outfit, which was probably good at the end of an all inclusive holiday if you know what I mean.




On my last night I got my super sassy pants out again and paired them with a classy af bodysuit from Asos. Due to it being all black it kinda looks like a jumpsuit which is cute. Again my choker and silver sandals were my accessories.





Thank you so much for reading, I hope this may have inspired you in some way. Don’t forget to follow if you enjoyed reading and feel free to leave any comments or questions down below.

Speak soon




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