Primark makeup sponge review


Hey lovelies,

So as you probably saw from my last blog post, I have recently popped into Primark. Whilst I was there, I was really intrigued by the makeup section. I have heard so many different things about the Primark beauty range and I just had to give something a go for myself. Now I used to be obsessed with my Real Techniques sponge, and i used it every single time I wore makeup. After a while though, no matter how much you wash it, it gets rather dirty, the stains stop coming out and overall it doesn’t seem particularly hygienic. So I ended up throwing away my beloved sponge and just never seem to repurchase it. So anyway, when I saw this pack of 4 sponges for £2.50 (absolute bargain am i right?) I just had to grab them – and in my basket they went.

Now I have been testing out these sponges for just over a week and I’m going to write about my final verdict here for you.

First up we have the largest pink face sponge. From just feeling it dry I really had no idea how this was going to go. So off to the sink I went and began soaking my sponge. But only it didn’t seem to do what my old sponge did. With the Real Techniques sponge, it almost doubles in size and feels lovely and soft and squishy. It did soak up some water but after it was squeezed out, it just felt exactly the same. As you can see from the picture, it has stayed pretty much exactly the same size. To apply makeup it is really hard against your face and doesn’t leave a smooth finish. So after using this I was rather disheartened. But I decided to power on and give the others a go.


And I was pleasantly surprised. I took the little orange sponge over to the sink again, expecting the same as its pink sibling. Only to see this lovely orange sponge expand! Yes it has worked! The marvelous sponge almost double in size and felt so lovely and soft and squishy. I ran back to my dressing table. Foundation in hand, I took the plunge. And as if by magic the blimming thing worked! It blended in my makeup leaving a dewy smooth finish. Seen as it is smaller than the pink sponge it does take a little longer to get round your whole face but I would say it is definitely worth it.


After using this fabulous orange sponge, I quickly grabbed the tiny yellow sponge and dashed to the sink. Under the tap it went and horah! Again this tiny yellow sponge grew to almost double its size. This sponge is great for blending in concealer and you can get in all the nooks and crannies of your face.


All in all I am pleasantly surprised with these sponges and for £2.50, 3 out of 4 of the sponges were a hit. I would definitely recommend them. I’m not too sure why they changed the material of the smaller sponges to the large one but hey ho! I will definitely be trying out the other Primark sponges and they come in all different sizes and shapes. And I will be looking out for a large one like the pink one but with the same texture as the smaller ones!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have enjoyed! Please let me know what you thought of this post in the comments section and don’t forget to follow if you enjoyed reading.

Speak soon



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