June Haul

Hey lovelies,

So last weekend, my mum and I popped out for a bit of shopping. I needed some bits and bobs before my holiday and she just wanted to have a little nosey around.

So the first shop I wanted to have a look in was Primark.

Jun haul 6

I knew for my holiday, I really wanted a backpack. I am so disorganized and I thought for the airport it would be the best thing to keep all my bits and bobs in the same place. There were quite a few different styles so I had a bit of trouble choosing. In the end I picked this beige coloured one. It has one big compartment and then a small one at the front. The bottom zip isn’t a real pocket. It is made from a faux leather, the hardware is a copper colour, and the straps are material. This bag was £10 which is an absolute steal!


Jun haul 5Jun haul 4

Next up is just some random little bit and bobs. I bought a fold up toothbrush which comes with a small toothpaste for £1. Then, the same old pack of hairbands I buy every single time I go in. It has 60 thick hairbands and thin ones for £1.

Jun haul 2

Jun haul 1

Then comes a 2 pack of toothbrush holders so my toothbrush doesn’t get all manky throughout the travelling process for £1. And then a 3 pack of clear bags. These are great for holding loads of different things, due to the different sizes. These were £4.



I then spotted this 4 pack of blender sponges which really caught my eye. I have tried them out a couple of time but don’t want to give the result away as there will be a blog post up about them so keep your eye out for that.




Jun haul 3Jun haul 9







Next, I headed to the shoe section. I really wanted another pair of Birkenstock style sandals. I bought a pair a couple of years ago and they last for 2 years before their sad demise. They had a black pair with a single strap very similar to the style I had before but when I tried them on they didn’t seem to stay on my feet very well whereas these with the 2 straps were much more comfortable for me. They had them in a gold glitter, a black glitter and a black and white pattern and I chose the gold glitter. These were only £6 which is an  amazing price seen as Birkenstocks are around 10X the price, but obviously they do last longer. I also waned just a really comfy pair of flip flops to wear around the pool or such and these were only £3 which are an absolute bargain. Very simple but very useful.


Jun haul 7


We then decided to head over to Marks and Spencers. I was just having a little wonder round and I spotted these black wide leg trousers and decided to give them a try. I tried them on and felt so sassy and loved them! They were only £25 which is a great price and they do them in a short and regular length.





Jun haul 8

After grabbing some lumch we popped over to a shop called outfit which has a few different brands in the store. They had a sale and i picked up this gorgeous lilac coloured flowy crop top with trumpet style sleeves. It is a lovely thin material so will be great for holiday and i just love the colour! This was in the sale and down from £22 to £11 which is a really great deal!



I hope you have enjoyed reading about the things I have bought and hope it could possibly give you some ideas. Let me know any question or anything down below and don’t forget to press that follow button if you want to read more things like this.

Speak soon









6 thoughts on “June Haul

  1. I really don’t understand why most people hate Birkenstocks, I think they are so cool. I need to get myself new pair, because I wear mine all summer long. xx


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