Lil catch up + plans for the week

Hey lovelies,

So I know I haven’t written a blog post in over a week *sad face*. As much as I love writing on – which I really do- I have kinda got all caught up in life at the moment. I had a busy weekend absolutely filled of amazing fun (yes it did include a Ferris

wheel -down below!) and then in the week I was trying to sort out plans for next year (which I will hopefully tell you all about very soon!). And of course everything was very hectic at work. So this all equaled to no blog posts.

But to make up for that I am going to be Continue reading


Saving space for more clothes!



Hey lovelies,

So today I am going to be writing about something that I feel is really useful. Saving space for more clothes! So i’m guessing as you’re reading this you are quite into fashion (probably an understatement for some of you 😉 ). And you’re probably the type of people that love buying clothes. Probably a lot of clothes! This is great until you need somewhere to store them! Keep reading to find out more! Continue reading

Gold (kind of) cut crease makeup

Gold cut crease 9

I’ve been messing around recently with different techniques when it comes to makeup and have seen the trend everywhere of cut crease eye looks. Now although I haven’t completely mastered the technique yet, I would say what I have come up with is a nice makeup look that is definitely wearable and quite easy to do to. If you’re intrigued then keep reading to find out how I do it. Continue reading

5 Springtime work outfits

Springoutfits 1

This  blog post is going to be all about some ideas for springtime outfits or work.

As much as I love snuggling up under big scarves, and wearing matching hat and gloves in Winter I absolutely love experimenting with different fashions through Spring and Summer. As Spring has most definitely sprung now I am sharing some ideas for outfits appropriate (hopefully) for the work place. Continue reading

How I (try to) control my wavy/curly hair


curly hair straight hair

This blog post is going to be all on how I (try to) control my wavy/curly hair, any products I use and tips for any of you other crazy haired girls and guys out there.

After wasting probably hundreds of pounds on products I’ve seen on on Youtube which claim to sort out curl patterns and decrease frizz by 100%, I decided I was kind of lost with my hair at that time. After the hours I spent with masks on and waiting for products to come from different countries and yet no luck with working for my hair, I packed it all in and decided I would try and wear my hair smooth most of the time. This was working really well for quite a while, until I started to miss my curls. I missed the compliments and the gorgeous curly hairstyles I’d found on Pintrest.

A few weeks ago I was going through my boxes of hair products, and found a shiny pink bottle of mousse at the bottom (Umberto Gianni Shapely Curls Defining Mousse). Continue reading