Saying goodbye to winter lipsticks, and hello to spring lipsticks!


Due to the lovely weather we’ve been having recently, I’ve noticed that I have been gravitating more towards my spring lipsticks. These poor lipsticks haven’t even had their lids taken off in over 6 months, so I thought I would show you some of my favourites from the passing winter and some I am hoping to be getting a lot of use out of over the next few months. Continue reading


My eyebrow routine


IMG_8176 - Copy


Today my blog post is going to be all about the hot topic at the moment. Eyebrows. It’s amazing how we’ve gone from 90’s hardly-there brows, to today’s full and bushy brows. Luckily for me I was never one for getting a bit tweezer happy, so I guess in today’s eyebrow ideal I’m quite fortunate. Nevertheless I’m sure one day we’ll go back to having paper thin brows all over again. Continue reading

Review of Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation


Today I am writing a review of the Bare Minerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation (mouthful- amirite?).

This is Bare Minerals’ ‘first ever mineral foundation and skincare serum in one’. It is ‘ultra-thin’ and provides ‘adjustable coverage’. I would definitely agree with all that Bare Minerals has to say about this foundation. As I am going to show you, it is a foundation that builds up beautifully but still feels completely weightless and looks like skin (great right?!). Continue reading

Daytime bronze makeup


Today I am going to be writing about how to recreate this daytime bronzey makeup look.

Starting with moisturized skin, the first makeup product I used was the Bare Minerals BareSkin serum foundation in Bare Linen 03. I buff 2 drops of this into the skin with my Spectrum B01 foundation brush. I will be doing a review on this foundation in the coming week, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Continue reading

Lush Ultrabland Review

So this is going to be a rather chatty review on one of my absolute holy grail skin care products. The ‘Ultrabland’ facial cleanser by Lush.

Now on my journey to using cruelty free products I realized I needed a new way to take my makeup off. I had recently ventured away from the face wipes and started looking into better ways to clean my skin. I had started using Micellar water and that had been going great. My problem came when I was trying to find a cruelty free option that didn’t break the bank. I happened to be watching a YouTube video (sorry can’t remember who) and it was all about their favourite Lush products. They then mentioned, my now beloved, ‘Ultrabland’. Continue reading

5 Healthy and Yummy Snacks

I think snacking has a bad rep. When you think of ‘snacking’ you imagine someone sat on the sofa- binge watching Netflix crisps in one hand, fizzy drink in the other. Now I am not saying any of this is a bad thing, occasionally I can assure you I have done this many a time- but I am trying to change my way of thinking about snacking to be more positive. We all do it, so why fight it. I could say that a low carb lunch would fill me up all the way to dinner, but that would be a massive lie. I have at least one (maybe two if I’m eating late) snack in the evening, so I want to make sure that what I am eating is tasty and at least relatively good for me. This introduces me nicely into my 5 healthy and YUMMY snack ideas.

Continue reading