Primark makeup sponge review


Hey lovelies,

So as you probably saw from my last blog post, I have recently popped into Primark. Whilst I was there, I was really intrigued by the makeup section. I have heard so many different things about the Primark beauty range and I just had to give something a go for myself. Now I used to be obsessed with my Real Techniques sponge, and i used it every single time I wore makeup. After a while though, no matter how much you wash it, it gets rather dirty, the stains stop coming out and overall it doesn’t seem particularly hygienic. So I ended up throwing away my beloved sponge and just never seem to repurchase it. So anyway, when I saw this pack of 4 sponges for £2.50 (absolute bargain am i right?) I just had to grab them – and in my basket they went.

Now I have been testing out these sponges for just over a week and I’m going to write about my final verdict here for you. Continue reading

June Haul

Hey lovelies,

So last weekend, my mum and I popped out for a bit of shopping. I needed some bits and bobs before my holiday and she just wanted to have a little nosey around.

So the first shop I wanted to have a look in was Primark.

Jun haul 6

I knew for my holiday, I really wanted a backpack. I am so disorganized and I thought for the airport it would be the best thing to keep all my bits and bobs in the same place. There were quite a few different styles so I had a bit of trouble choosing. In the end I picked this beige coloured one. It has one big compartment and then a small one at the front. The bottom zip isn’t a real pocket. It is made from a faux leather, the hardware is a copper colour, and the straps are material. This bag was £10 which is an absolute steal! Continue reading

What to do on a miserable day


Hey lovelies,

So I know that I haven’t written a post in quite a while, which I am really bummed about. I have been super busy and to be honest kinda lacked the motivation to write. But I am back so here we go.

Now I don’t know about where you live, but about a fortnight ago here in England we had lovely weather. I was packing the jumpers away and grabbing my floral skirts, but for the past week it has been nothing but rain *thumbs down*.

So in light of this I thought I would write a post about all the great things you can do on a a miserable day: Continue reading

Day 7 Ponytails: A Simple Sunday Look

Hairstyle 7 6

Hey lovelies,

So here we are, the last day of my mini series. I really hope you have enjoyed reading, I certainly have enjoyed writing. It has really opened my eyes to the things I need to work on for my blog – like my pictures- and things I think I do well.

So for the last ponytail of the week, this is just a simple look for a casual Sunday. As the weather is (meant to be) getting warmer, I thought this look would be a great for a day trip somewhere if you’re perhaps wearing a gorgeous hat or something. As it’s a low ponytail it doesn’t disrupt the look. Continue reading

Day 4 Ponytails: Simple Side Ponytail

Hairstyle 6 5

Hey lovelies,

Day 4 of my mini-series. How are we there already? Who knows, but who cares because it’s nearly the weekend!

Today’s ponytail is a lovely, simple, sweet side ponytail. So easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. Seriously though you could probably do this in about a minute and a half. Thank god for that because any time less spent getting ready means more time in bed! Continue reading

Day 3 Ponytails: Side plait ponytail

Hairstyle 5 6

Hey lovelies,

We’re on day 3 of my mini-series and I hope you’re all still enjoying reading.

Today’s ponytail is a side plait pony. This is great because it can be worn with a low pony or a high pony all depending on your preferences. Also, I wont tell anyone if you do this on day 3, slightly greasy hair, throw some dry shampoo in and with this hairstyle no one will ever know, shhhhh..

So let’s jump into it! Continue reading